About the Human Behind Bars Exhibition

A misdeed, a story, a sentence, a fate. But in fact it is the sum of all of these, a person behind bars, the society around them, the perception of crime and punishment and the attitudes towards these. 

This is this concept that inspired us in the process of completely reinventing the prison exhibition at the Dungeon Visitor Centre, which now focuses both on the history of the Dungeon, and the role of the famous or infamous prisoners who once served time here. On crime, punishment and the prison itself, through the special Veszprém stories and in general, to all visitors interested in this closed world, still shrouded in legends, misconceptions and secrets, which has defined our society and left its mark on it, - among the walls, and with the approach, of an unconventional exhibition.

So, in addition to how prison as a form of punishment has evolved, how its role and implementation have changed over the millennia, we also wish to provide an insight into what the world of prisons today hides. What are the personal aspects of prison life? What, for example, can a prisoner keep on their person? How can they keep in touch with the outside world? What is a day's routine like? And, of course, beyond all this: how does the prisoner cope with his or her condition and fate, what is going on inside him or her, and how does our society cope with all this? Is there a possibility and a hope for a real return into society for former inmates?

Of course, all these questions cannot be answered precisely by an exhibition, but our aim is to enable visitors to form their own responses by looking at the exhibits, and, where appropriate, get acquainted with the personal fates that have transpired within these very walls. And, as part of the exhibition, we will try to help them do this.

For groups of upper primary and secondary school students, we are preparing special history lessons, museum education sessions and drama education workshops led by experts, which they can participate in at Ruttner Café, connected to the Castle Dungeon Visitor Centre, and even stay at the hostel if they would like to explore Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region over several days.